Avalon Bay

If you like to have fried food, you put it in the deep fryer. You can make it full with vegetable oil or canola oil or some other kinds of oils. If you see the food is oily and tasty, it is not a good kind of food. You can bake food on the even to make it best. French Fries are very soggy and soft on the inside and crispy to the outside.

The result that he fryer offers you is the same as the result of using lots of messy oils. The instrument is very simple to use and same as the deep fryer, offer the best result. The other result is that it does not require any oil at the time of cooking foods. The foods are very healthy and tasty.

What you have to determine while cooking

  • Be sure the unit is set to the flat, stable or even place.
  • Notice the voltage of the appliance is same to the main voltage.
    If you see any damage to the plug or main cord or some other parts, do not use it.
  • Let not plug the appliance into the earthed wall socket. Be sure the plug is inserted into the wall socket quietly.
  • Do not connect it to the external timer switch.
  • Should not keep the unit very close to the combustible materials like curtain or tablecloth.
  • Do not keep the appliance against other appliances or the wall. Keep four inches’ free space on the back and four inches’ space over the appliance.
  • Do not keep anything on the top of the appliance
  • Keep the cord and unit out of the reach of the children.
  • Do not take it to unauthorized person for repairing damaged cord

There are a frying pan, a dual rack and a baking dish with it. The rack helps to increase the space so that you can keep more foods. The size of the pan is 6.5 diameter. The surface will aid you to cook well such as pancakes. The baking pan had good depth and made to make cakes as well as bread. The surface is nonstick to clean easily. Use silicone utensils to avoid damage is the suggestion of the manufacturer. Visit here for more details.

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